1. Euzebiusz

    Gib shekels

  2. Palestyńska teoria spiskowa głosi, że kształt pod menorą na tejże monecie 10 agorot to mapa “Wielkiego Izraela” od Bejrutu po Bagdad. (Źródło: wikipedia)

  3. e-say osobliwy

    Realize it yourself, you are also the god.

    ” they would be like thougether, always”

    ok, pik up, take up Your F. as away from my life or show me your face.
    to smile at you
    You realy suppose, you to take over my life in all time ( in destitute)
    you prapably polish brather’s movies studio
    I can “write great” script, you can show it, but
    it’s laugh at me, when I must pay 10 zł and I’m thinking 40min ?
    Poverty, stricken, realy so laughty, like pow ore something.

    I don’t why You are the warrior. I don’t feel, think like that.

    The people who join together, combine – west/est middle/near technique evolution with meditation, intuition,
    unreal world can constitute future now. I know You know that. So why are You warrior?
    after all it’s not you at all

    You said “dont” Do not do it.
    Now, I know why. :)
    pity of you, are you afraid, connection power human mentality with intuition,
    why? You don’t belive in “god”, you belive in in them self, that’s ok, but you afraid of figure, who thas not exist, because of you. Someone belive in god out side in god’s, in all the people.
    Meditation can stop lead force, or it’s only imagination of mind.
    Nano-tissue can change teperature and be like shield or face, soft, tender or hard, tough.
    We (200 year’s forward) can make tissue’s, cell’s, food’s and stop the youth
    you know “I’ ll never let you go ” … yes, it’s not make sence,
    but some of them feel paint, some of them still waiting for change, they have hope.
    Natural segregation it’s very not justice here, service too manipulate.

    Someone said about rotten fruit, here.

    A few year’s ago we loost a great Man, human-man, I’ve loosted my work,

    propably we work thogether all the time, I’ve no idea about him (all of them)

    He can. join west&est for good and for bad it depend, you know.
    I don’t know how many worker’s, lonely’s still exist, on the world.

    You shouldn’t be jealous, it meak’s you small. for small happynes.

    Evolution, civilization – mean people without jealous, falisty, lie’s
    that man evolution

    For youth, we can make mesh (netting) like mesh from gold silk,
    there is the point of meeting past and future,
    where past was future, where future is past.
    The future already was. :) Past just will be.

    So, in the what subject we silent, now?
    ( about me, I can throw away, my sitcace to the river at all the moment,
    if it’ s so important for you )
    Sometimes, I cold You, old, grey fool.
    you shouldn’t be jealous

    I like make misteake’s you know why, because of my time,
    ugly sometimes can be nice
    poverty, humiliate, use never.
    Even somebody said she suffer sometimes, unfortunetlly key word for you I’ve said a long time ago, not make sence,
    change your point of solution

    Places never touch, face, diferent and always the same
    mind and heart often, that’s all

    (layer,not virus after mach witch american beer, even not for many, for feel beeing, my own opinion)

    I sow him, I sow man 200 year’s forward, wizard
    he don’t like somebody like me, but we still in touch


    You said ” this is your place” on the edge waterfall
    thrown in at the deep cologne waterfall
    and so what, you sent me for two day’s in to the mountain’s
    always because of you (inside, your feeling)

    I understand wahat you mean about netting psyhoneuro sugestion,

    who people submit to,
    it can make war between them, a lot of, submit to this sugestion, a lot of paw.

    Now, I know, why alway’s you said don’t for me
    and fallow all my stupid word’s in net,
    don’t be jealous, don’t be afraid of connection human mind and force of intuition

    Statue who does not exist, because of You


  4. osobliwie

    did you wrote in english all the time

  5. Ooo, znów nowa fryzura: szybko Panu włosy odrastają…


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